Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Airport Adventures

So putting all jokes aside when travelling overseas ensure all travel documents and visas are accurate well before departing for your flight.
For me unfortunately I learnt a new very expensive lesson. Today I have boarded both a flight to Guangzon China and the same flight home to Australia.
Without going into the finer details, I was briefly in China then swiftly moved and by swiftly I mean 4 hours later to a bench awaiting my fate. Needless to say I left China that night. Unable to race the much anticipated Sanshui Premium Asian Cup. Now that I am in the air and possibly annoying every other passenger with bright ipad lights I'd like to stress to all travellers don't make the same mistake I did, it really was not fun. Sorry mum! I hope you got the email I sent you via the nicest lady you'll ever meet standing behind you at Gate 109. On a better note, I think I will use this wasted opportunity to now enter the USM events Gatorade series event held this weekend in Robina, that is if mum let's me see light of day again.

China, you eat my shoes, cracked my bike, mysteriously returned said shoes and then denied me entry, it hasn't been smooth sailing for us, maybe we were never meant to be, but we will always have the memories! Oh also, good luck to travel buddies Sam and Sarah thanks for sticking around.

The countdown is well and truly on till the first Junior series event, with DAT holding its strongest female team yet. I can honestly say this will be a great weekend with all our athletes on fire and looking at those spots on the 2013 Youth Olympic festival team. Right now that is all going on with me apart from the old 'sleep eat train repeat' schedule.

There are a few things I would like to add before signing out, for starters thanks to Michael from Nutrend Australia for your on going support and keeping me firing on all cylinders
Chris Adams, thank you for the belief and support you have showed in me and DAT. Dan, Katie and the girls, I know at some times things can be a bit dicey (take the last 2 days for example)? but we keep chasing those rainbows. Mum and Dad I am an expensive child, sorry.

Thanks for reading,

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